What is your best coffee?

December 15, 2021 Nelson Valverde

What is your Best coffee bean? I like strong smooth coffee and I usually buy dark roast.Thank you.
All our coffees are good. We don’t have a “best” one. It is like asking which one of your children is the “best”?  Don’t feel bad, I get asked this question very often. My answer is “the best coffee is the one you like”.
Having said that, let me help you decide.
What makes coffee strong is the amount of coffee grounds you mix with water, not the coffee bean of the level of roast. You can have a strong, lightly roasted coffee (the classical New England Breakfast coffee) or a weak dark-roasted coffee (the usual cheap Diner coffee made with little coffee grounds but dark-roast do make it look black)
The ideal ratio of coffee to water 12 to 1 (12 units of water per unit of ground coffee). In lay terms, one heaping tablespoon of coffee per 8 oz. of water (a full cup). Adjust up and down according to your taste. There is no silver bullet answer. People's tastes are different.
A smooth coffee comes from the quality of the coffee bean, the care in growing, fermenting, processing and roasting the actual coffee bean. That is an objective and subjective evaluation done by your coffee merchant, like us. This is why people search for the “best brand” or “best coffee”. Modesty aside, we have received glowing reviews, but you are the ultimate judge.
1) If you like dark coffee, we recommend our Purple Llama blend. Order here. It is our second-best seller.
2) If you like Espresso (Moderately dark), we recommend our Black Jaguar blend. Order here.
3) If you like medium roast organic and Fair trade certified, we recommend our 100% Bolivian. Order here. It is our best seller
4) Finally if you like the taste of coffee, but don’t want caffeine, we recommend our award-winning 90-point Decaf. Order here. Our paradigm customer. Likes taste of coffee, not caffeine.
All Coffees, (except 1, 2) can be order  in three degrees of roast from Light (New England) to Dark (European). We also have micro lots (Special-find coffees that are 86+ points in cupping)
Hope this helps.