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Behmor Brazen Plus V3.0 Temp Controlled Coffee Brewer. Free coffee!

Behmor Brazen Plus V3.0 Temp Controlled Coffee Brewer. Free coffee!
  • This the latest, new model. It has new programming for better extraction and with revised Pulse Water Release Timing. The improvements to the V2.0 model are "under the hood". However, the Carafe has a redesigned spout for dripless pouring, and new brew thru lid for easier pouring and better heat retention. The Reservoir filter screen is removable for cleaning.
  • This is truly a: Customizable Temperature Control Brew System:
  • 1) Brews 6-8 Cups (SCA-approved) of Coffee
    2) One degree Temperature Control Accuracy
    3) Programmable Pre-Soak
  • 4) Pulse Water Delivery

    This is the latest model Brazen Plus is version 3.0, which is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) for both 8 and 6 cup batch sizes. It incorporates several important changes since the Brazen Brew System was first introduced in July 2014.

    You have full control but you can just press the "Start" button and it will automatically start brewing your coffee. You can even use it a s a water heater (to reach that 205 degree temperature) and drop the water on a Chemex or a Pourover filter.

    It includes a custom made, basket shaped gold filter with handle, like the very expensive brewers, but it can also use basket shaped paper filters which are readily, economically available, for the no-mess, no-cleanup option. Important: Do not use both at the same time.

    We will include for free one 10oz bag of coffee, ground. Please select your coffee preference and let us now in the comments whether you prefer the sample "whole bean"

    $ 199.99