90 Point Decaf: South American Blend

90 Point Decaf: South American Blend
Origin Colombia, Brazil
Farm / Coop Santa Barbara Estate (Colombia), Fazenda Grupo BSC, Sul Minas (Brazil)
Varietals Brazilian Yellow Bourbon (natural process), Colombian Caturra, Castillo (wet washed)
Cup Notes Remarkable, creamy body, with citric acidity. Brown sugar and chocolate tones. Smooth mouthfeel and balanced flavor. No more apologies for decaf.

 This is our own, proprietary blend of South American coffee beans, grown in some of the highest altitude tropical valleys on the continent. These are not your usual decaf coffee beans ... since our first ranking as the best decaf coffee in North America in the 2010 issue of the industry-leading coffeereview.com, with the only score of 90 points, we've continued to receive rave reviews on weekly basis from customers like the one who wrote us, "after this ... you will not want to drink any other decaf coffee, even the big names!"

This coffee was de-caffeinated using the patented chemical-free Mountain Water process. While conventional decaf processing uses a bath of methylene chloride (MC) to remove caffeine, water processing which removes caffeine from the beans without the use of solvents or chemicals via repeated soakings in water.

$ 12.99