Purple Llama Dark Roast. NEW CROP!

Purple Llama Dark Roast. NEW CROP!
Origin Bolivia & other Latin American origins
Cup Notes Flavors of dark chocolate, apricot, fruity vanilla, toasted bread. Nice mixture of citric and malic (apple) overtones. Very transparent with a full body and mellow, lingering, pleasant aftertaste. Remains vibrant and flavorful as it cools. A dark roast classic.

 This is our own blend of South American coffee beans, grown in the highest-altitude tropical valleys on the continent. We selected the coffee beans for this blend to highlight the naturally sweet, bright taste of Bolivian coffee, while also including more earthy beans from other Latin American countries in order to add more body to the blend so that it can stand up to darker roasting.

We roast this coffee in small batches -- really, one or two pounds at a time! -- every day in Salisbury, MA. The roast is darker than medium, but not as dark as the super-dark oily roasts that you’ll find in some popular coffee chains. It’s a bit too dark for espresso preparation, for which we recommend our Black Jaguar Espresso blend.

$ 12.99