86+ Find: Juan Jose Machicado (Bolivia) Natural Microlot. NEW ARRIVAL!

86+ Find: Juan Jose Machicado (Bolivia) Natural Microlot. NEW ARRIVAL!
Origin Bolivia
Region Caranavi -Kantutani
Farm / Coop Cafe Phaunchinta
Altitude 5,340 - 5,790 ft.
Varietals Red Catuai (50%), Yellow Icatu (40%), Geisha (10%)
Processing Natural
Certifications Grown using organic practices, but not certified
Cup Notes Score: 86.4 points. FLAVOR/AROMA: Intense fragrance. Sweet Potato. Blackberry. Ripe citrus peel aroma. Cinnamon. Caramel. Brown Sugar. ACIDITY: Fruity. Complex citric (mandarin, clementine, orange). OTHER: Blackberry Aftertaste. Transparent, Multi-faced, Round body. Excellent choice for single origin espresso or cold brew.

This is a Natural-process coffee (the beans are set up on the sun to dry up whole, like raisins, unlike fully washed were the beans are de pulped and fermented & washed before sun drying). This produces a clearly fruitier taste and aroma. Some people love it. Other's confuse it with "fermented". Give it a try!

Juan Jose (Juanjo) Machicado's and his wife Lidia Luque's farm is called Finca Phaunchinta. It is located in Zona Villamontes, Colonia Kantutani, Caranavi Province. Juanjo & Lidia work with their two children (David & Luz Abigail) to process and sell their coffee. They have become one of our partners in our Cafe Kantutani project where together, in a legal partnership, we work managing a 15-hectare coffee farm which started production in 2020.

In 2020, Lidia was the 13th-place winner in Bolivia's Cafe Presidencial Competition, the Bolivian Government version of Cup of Excellence. She submitted a Yellow Icatu lot that was sold at an international online auction for over $7/lb. 

Invalsa has been buying their coffee since 2014. They inherited the art of growing coffee from their parents who have more than 40 years of dedication to coffee growing traditions.  In addition to the cultivation management tasks, the farm focuses on managing coffee processing, which means using raised beds for drying under solar tents. Since the harvests season is between May to September, Juanjo & Lidia and her family work from early morning until late night They carry out selective harvesting, pulping control, managed fermentation sometimes for 14 to 15 hours daily, then they wash the beans properly and dry them on raised beds until they reach 12% of humidity. The coffee in pergamino (parchment) is then delivered to Invalsa's cool and dry warehouse in La Paz.

We are very proud of our ongoing relationship with Juanjo & Lidia and hope to nourish our partnership for the years to come. This is the first time we are offering their coffee directly.  In previous years we sold it all to roasters in California and Arizona.

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